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Julie Dworkin





I did not choose photography.  It was something that found me.  When I was 24, I bought a point and shoot camera to take with me on a road trip across the country. I had not owned a camera since the instamatic I had when I was eight.  I found that taking pictures became an important part of my journey that summer and I discovered I had an eye for it.  After that, I started taking photography classes, set up a dark room and joined a cooperative gallery. I spent 10 years pursuing this passion until I got pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t want to continue to work with the darkroom chemicals during my pregnancy.  After my daughter was born, I found that with working and being a mom, somehow I no longer had those 4-5 hour stretches necessary to set up print, wash, dry, and clean up a dark room.


So my passion lay dormant for almost ten years.  It had been so long that many of the friends didn’t know I ever took photographs. Once my kids were both in school full-time, I got my first digital SLR camera.  And started over in a completely different format. I have been thrilled to have my work embraced by galleries in Logan Square where I live.  I hope to keep shooting and sharing what I shoot.


2019    Rickshaw Republic      "17,000 Islands: Indonesia 2017," Solo Exhibit, Chicago,IL

2018    Oliva Gallery               "Life in Motion,"Photography Exhibit with Deborah McCoy and Wendy

                                                   Love, Chicago, IL, Portraits on a Logan Square Swing

2015    Voice of the City         "Reflected Light," Solo Photography Installation, Chicago, IL

                                                   Color photography exploring reflections, light, and color

2003   No Friction Café           "From Bangkok to Hong Kong Overland, “ Solo Exhibit, Chicago, IL

                                                   Black and white photography taken in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and                                                               China exploring the contrast between poverty and wealth


2001    The Art House             "Chicago River by Bicycle and Canoe," Exhibit, Oak Park, IL

                                                   Black and white photography taken along the length of the Chicago                                                                       River from the perspective of the land and from a boat on the river


1998    The Art House            "Julie Dworkin: Infrared Photography and Polaroid Transfers," Solo                                                    Exhibit, Oak Park, IL


1997    The Unicorn Café        "The Invisible Spectrum,"Solo Exhibit, Evanston, IL

                                                   Infrared Photography


2018   Block Club Chicago       "Photographer Captured Two Weeks of

                                                    Unbridled Joy on Logan Square’s Mysterious Rope Swing," August 20, 2018

2003   Chicago Reader              "On Exhibit: Travels Through Starvation and Luxury," January 10, 2003


2003   Citylink                             "Artist Profile: Julie Dworkin, From Bangkok to Hong Kong Overland,"                                                                               January 10-January 16, 2003

2001    Wednesday Journal       "A River Runs Through it," June 20, 2001

2001    Chicago Reader              "Going with the Flow," June 8, 2001

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